Quick Start Guide To Using HDS1504

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Quick Start Guide to Using HDS1504

1. Connect scanner  to the computer via RS232 cable or via smart USB connector.
    - if the scanner is connected via USB cable, USB driver must be installed prior to starting HDS1504.
    - Drivers for  Symbol CS1504 USB driver can be downloaded from:

2. Start HDS1504 application. When Terminal window appears, click on "search for scanner" button.
   If scanner is properly connected it should start blinking when correct COM port is selected.
   Try to read barcodes in manual mode by clicking on a "Read Data" button.
   If no data appears in terminal window or error message is displayed see Troubleshooting.

3. Define where barcodes will be stored (see link Define where to store barcodes.)    

4. Select Auto read mode or Manual read mode

5. Define startup and background operations.