CPS Plus Standard

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CPS Plus Standard Ver 6.9 RS232 Software / USB data acquisition software

CPS Plus allows serial RS-232C devices like bar code scanners, magnetic stripe readers, scales, sensors, lab instruments, microcontrollers... etc to communicate with any Windows application.

Multiple serial ports used simultaneously! Fully configurable data filters.

  • Operates with multiple serial ports simultaneously!
  • Fully configurable data filters, to get data you want from the input strings.
  • Log options: dynamic file mode, keystroke mode, DDE mode (Excel, Access ...)
  • Create charts and graphs in your applications that automatically update with data from your serial devices / instruments.
  • Input real time data into Excel, Access, statistical software ... any Windows application.
  • Automatic Date and Time stamping.
  • Send any ASCII character(s) to serial devices / instruments (communicate with, configure, and transfer data with your serial device without writing any code).
  • Very easy to use.
  • No hardware additions required! No programming required.

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Comparison chart of Standard and Professional editions:
Key Features Standard Professional
Capturing and logging data from 256 Com ports simultaneously! (standard RS-232, add-on cards, USB to RS232 converters ...)
Fully configurable data filters, to get data you want from the input strings.
Send commands and control any serial RS232 device connected to serial ports.
Log data received through a serial port by converting the data to keystrokes.
Log data received through a serial port by passing the data using DDE. ( Input serial data directly into Excel, Access... )
Log data received through a serial port to files. (Dynamic file naming option)
Low level keyboard filter/Keyboard capture (for devices with keyboard emulation)
Log RS232 data directly to database using ODBC and SQL. (Example: RS232 data to Oracle, MS SQL, My SQL ...)
Programmable VBScript/Jscript filters (parsing and filtering more complex data structures).
Advanced data filters configurable for each serial port.


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